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Water Patrol is an elite squadron of staff members dedicated to keeping campers, counselors, staff, and directors adequately hydrated for the week of Camp Celebrate. Utilizing three jugs, Water Patrol is quick to respond to the demand of Camp and refill water as soon as possible. 


Led by veterans to the camp staff, Joseph Charles Randazzo II, Christopher Edmund Cavoli, and Nolan Gerald Laughlin are dedicated to the task at hand. With tryouts underway soon, a fourth member will be joining to help complete the daunting task Water Patrol faces every year. 


Just as Camp Celebrate’s ultimate goal is to foster a relationship between these campers and Christ,  Water Patrol also hopes these campers leave with an inspired understanding and appreciation of water. 



What kind of water do you provide to campers?

Ah a great question! We understand that some might think the quality of water we provide might subpar due to the hyper speed at which we deliver it to Camp. That being said, we consistently use the golden ratio of ice and water to create the perfect temperature of water that all can enjoy. 


What kind of coordination does Water Patrol  require in order to accomplish an awesome feat?

Water Patrol relies on a few key principles in order to be successful: spiritual strength, physical strength, and mental strength. This line of work isn’t easy. It can be a thankless job rehydrating all of Camp Celebrate, but we don’t do it for the kudos. We do it for the kiddos. Water Patrol makes sure jugs are in areas where camp population is most dense. We also have to be quick on our feet to relocate the jugs to the chapel for mass and then back to the dining hall for lunch.


Is this a joke?



What’s the most rewarding part of being on Water Patrol?

For starters, being at camp and with the campers is the most rewarding parts of our week. We are here because we love camp and truly believe in it’s mission. We look forward to it every year and it’s always a beautiful week that transforms its participants in ways that last much longer than camp does. Being on Water Patrol has only reinforced this feeling. It’s a fun role we get to hold, and we are able to interact with all participants of Camp Celebrate this way. It means so much to us that we have been able to keep coming back to Camp, and we hope all have the same wonderful experiences we’ve had there and beyond. God bless. 


— —

Yours in hydration,


Water Patrol


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