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You’re probably tempted to just skip this paragraph because you’re thinking, “Sure, yeah. Community. Got it.” But hang on just a second, because the community — true, deep community — that you will gain at Camp Celebrate will enrich and change your life immensely. It’s by coming together with the people around you and heading into the battlefield of ministry together that the Lord will use you and your fellow staff members to make an impact all for His kingdom and His glory. God is going to change you and mold you during your time at camp, and He will use the people around you to support you and lift you up and spur you on.


Our college-aged and beyond staff members spend their week with a group of campers assigned to them, leading small group sessions and various camp activities. Each staff member will be responsible for leading a small group class sessions facilitating meaningful & fruitful conversations, as well as helping facilitate “option” activities. It is our hope that this will give adult staff an even greater ability to grow in relationship with their campers, and share the light of Christ in their lives.

applications for 2024 are now closed

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