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NEW FOR 2024



Preparing your heart to serve. For the last 25 years, Camp Celebrate has been a place where many have encountered Christ for the first time during their middle school years. Those encounters have become pivotal moments in people's faith lives and the Lord has used Camp Celebrate as a holy ground to reach His young people. Our relational ministry model has always allowed Camp to continue through service for tenth graders and beyond, realizing the year in maturity and growth that the ninth grade year brings is essential for the separation of "Camp is for the campers". We've always desired to find a way to involve our incoming ninth graders, and we're hopeful that this is a solution that will benefit those that are hoping to become leaders in the program, as well as help enrich the Camp community and grow in their faith. Introducing the Camp Celebrate Counselor In Training (CIT) program... starting this summer, 2024.


Our CIT service program is a service-leadership program designed for those entering 9th grade to experience serving Camp Celebrate through a different lens than a camper. Through participating in this program, you can grow your relationship with the Lord, learn Christlike servitude, and develop your leadership skills. As a CIT, you will have the unique opportunity to assist the counselors as they lead their cabin over the course the week, as well as participate in various tasks with the staff. During the week, you will be able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and live it out daily with the campers. Each day you will be given time in fellowship with other CITs and our staff partners, holy hour, and reflect on your experiences. As you serve, you can grow in your walk with Jesus Christ and learn what it means to be a Christlike leader at Camp Celebrate. We are thrilled to provide this opportunity to teens that can shape their walk with the Lord as we minister to our campers.



  • Be entering 9th grade in the Fall

  • Be a good role model for middle school students 

    • including social media presence 

  • Be responsible and dependable (in assigned tasks and communication)

  • Be active in their faith; this is typically demonstrated by the following:

    • Weekly Mass attendance and some sort of personal prayer life

    • Regular attendance at Edge 

  • Be able to attend the required training retreat on Saturday, June 1st, 10am – 8pm. 

  • Be able to be at Camp all week, starting with the Saturday Retreat (June 15-21). 

  • Cost for week as a CIT $250


  • Live in a cabin with campers and assist high school counselors with the leadership, responsibilities and guidance of campers

  • Be responsible for interpreting the rules, policies, and traditions of Camp Celebrate to campers

  • Have a servant’s heart, assisting with background tasks that make the whole of camp run smoother

  • grow your relationship with the Lord, learn Christlike servitude, and develop your leadership skills and develop your leadership skills

  • Have a “Campers First” vision and place the camper’s safety and camp experience first




  1. print and fill out application below

  2. turn in application to Jenn / Life Teen Office by April 1st 

  3. attend a 15 minute interview on April 20th between 10am -2pm at the church 

    1. open interviews meaning you can show up anytime during that window, you may have a wait, but it shouldn’t be long! 

    2. if you absolutely can NOT attend 4/20, indicate that on your application and Jenn will reach out to schedule 


Things to Remember:

  • Please be on time for your interview

  • Bring the attached application form, completed

  • Look over potential interview questions located on back of this page

  • Dress for an interview. (Dressing up for any interview lets people know you care about what you’re interviewing for.)


Heads Up:

We expect to have significantly more applicants than positions needing filled (expecting 4).  Being accepted as a CIT does not guarantee you will be selected to be a counselor in the future. Decisions will be made within the following week after interview day. 

2:00pm - large group session + CIT formation

3:15pm - free time

4:15pm - staff options

4:45pm - dinner meal prep & dinner clean up 

6:00pm - setting up for evening activity

7:00pm - evening activity assistance 

9:30pm - assisting in cabins with night routines

7:00am - assist in cabin with morning routines

7:45am - breakfast meal prep & breakfast clean up

9:00am - large group session & options

10:15am - holy hour

11:15am - prepare for Mass

12:15pm - lunch meal prep & lunch clean up 

1:15pm - FOB in cabins

applications for 2024 now closed

All applicants will need to attend a 15 minute interview with Jenn Martin.

Interviews will take place April 20th between 10am -2pm at the church 

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