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Synchronizing Watches... Now!

We can’t wait to welcome you to Camp! Find out what time to get here, as well as a few things to have on hand to make drop off and pick up smoother. 

Sunday, June 19, 2022- DROP OFF from 1:00-2:00 PM

Friday, June 24, 2022- PICK UP at 2:00 PM (MASS)

More details below...

Camp Y-Noah

815 Mt Pleasant Road

Clinton, OH 44216


We call it “Opening Day,” but it should really be called “Cheer Your Socks Off and Jump Up and Down Because Campers Are Here Celebration Day!” We can’t wait to welcome you and your camper to a week of non-stop fun and excitement!


CHECK IN IS BETWEEN 1PM AND 2PM. We need you to arrive during this window, not before or after to ensure that the rest of our day is on schedule. If you are arriving later for some reason, please email jmartin@stmaryhudson to let her know when to expect you


Follow Camp staff to the parking lot, you can leave your gear in the car and bring meds, letters and anything that needs to be turned into Camp Directors.

All paperwork was done digitally this year with registration, you don’t need to bring anything with you other than your medication and instructions for medication. 


815 Mt Pleasant Rd,
Clinton, OH 44216


Once you have checked in, if you are dropping off any medication, you will be directed over to the Nurse to drop off your meds.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Only bring enough medication to last the entire time at camp. Meds MUST be kept in their original packaging/bottle that identifies the prescribing physician (if prescription drug), the name of the medication, the dosage, and the frequency of administration. Be away that ALL medications MUST be kept locked in the nurse's station. 

Turn in all labeled meds in their original container to the nurse. Loose pills are not accepted. Read more med guidelines.


If you would like to bring mail for your camper to read throughout the week, please have it labeled with their first and last name and their grade on the outside of EACH envelope. If you would like a specific card delivered on a certain day of the week, please indicate that on the outside also, otherwise our mail deliverers will split them up over the week. 

There will be a mailbox in the Brown Narthex for letters at St. Mary until Wednesday after 9am Mass.

Your campers can send letters home to you over the week! Please send them with all the necessities (help them address the envelopes before they go please! Including stamps!) 

*letters only please, no gifts, treats or snacks will be delivered to campers in order to keep things equal!


Dropping off your camper at Camp Celebrate can be a little overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. There’s the mixed emotions about dropping off your camper, plus all the work of getting packed and loaded up, and then that sneaking feeling like you forgot to do something important. We’ve got your back! This in-depth guide covers everything you need to know to have a smooth and enjoyable drop-off experience! 

Here is a list of what to bring (and what not to bring) with you to Camp for the week as well as some pro-tips to new campers.







A daily photo gallery, so you can see photos of your happy camper.

Drop off mail to the church in the brown narthex. Last pick up is before 9am Mass on Wednesday!

Stay up to date with what you campers are up to daily by following along on Celebrate Life!

We put you in the action with daily highlight videos of life at camp!



Being apart from your child can be difficult, even if you know they’re having a blast while away at camp. But with Camp Celebrate's CelebrateLife website portal, you won’t have to wait for the end of the week to hear about your camper’s experience! You’ll get a front row seat with photos, daily highlight videos, digital mail, and more! CELEBRATELIFE ONLY BECOMES ACTIVE ONCE AT CAMP

closing day

pick up- friday 2:00pm 

A week at camp goes by sooner than you know it, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over yet! Before you leave, we want to celebrate your child’s week of camp by inviting you to join us for closing Mass, a message from the Directors, and an awards ceremony. This will be on the main field/tent. Parking space will be limited (since we are using the space for Mass that we normally use for parking). You won’t want to miss this!

FYI we are packing in the fun right until the last few minutes of your arrival. Plan for your campers to be tired, dirty and probably hungry for another meal! Packing an extra towel/blanket to put down on your car seats on the way home is not a bad idea. 

pick up details

so long,


parental pickup

After Mass, parents are invited to go back to the cabins to help campers grab their (smelly) things. Just like with check in, we ask one family in the cabin at a time.


Join us for a closing celebration Mass (2pm) and an awards ceremony honoring your campers and our counselors! Siblings are welcome.

don't forget

To pick up your camper's meds at the nurses station & check for lost and found. Look out to register for our year-round program (EDGE)!

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