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Welcome to our Parent Portal. We know you're [a little] sad you're not at camp with us, so we hope you can experience a piece of it with us through prayer, photos, videos & daily updates.

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Update from Dina: ALL is live!

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We will pray for special intention durning daily mass or adoration.


Camp Celebrate 2023 counselor and staff training was a day filled with valuable preparation & prayer. The counselor and staff team dedicated our time to acquiring practical skills related to camp operations, ensuring we were equipped to provide a safe and engaging environment for the campers. Additionally, we delved into the camp's content, focusing on deepening their understanding of the teachings. The training also emphasized the importance of personal growth and spirituality, as the counselors and staff devoted moments of deep prayer to nourish their own hearts and those of the campers they would soon be guiding. It was a day of intentionality, equipping the team with the necessary tools and fostering a profound connection to ensure a meaningful and transformative experience for everyone involved in Camp Celebrate 2023.



Welcome to Camp Celebrate! We are thrilled to kick off the 2023 season and grateful for the trust you've placed in us, especially on Father's Day. This week, our focus is on Luke chapter 5. Our evening began with a captivating reading of the chapter, followed by a discussion on what lies ahead for us. Jesus' message to each and every one of us here is clear: "put out into the deep." While this may not involve actual fishing for us, it represents a spiritual call. The incredible miracle of the abundant catch described in this Gospel passage hinged on Peter's obedience to Jesus' command. Choosing not to comply wouldn't have caused any harm, but it would have resulted in missing out on an extraordinary encounter. The same principle applies to our time at camp. We can choose to remain in our comfort zones, in the "shallow water," and still have a good week. However, if we desire to experience all that Jesus has prepared for us, to encounter His love, mercy, and joy in a way that is truly transformative and awe-inspiring, then we must be willing to take a leap of faith and dive deep into the unknown. We also played a Camp Celebrate favorite, Biffer Medic where they raced by cabin to complete challenges and escape the "biffers"! We ended the night celebrating Sunday Mass with each other and a time of adoration with the Lord.


Our first full day, and oh-what a day it was! We are so blessed with happy campers & beautiful weather. We had our first two sessions, options, Mass, small groups, FOB (ask about it, maybe start it in your home ;), and so much more! Our content today was breaking open the meaning of Luke 5 through a middle school heart. The invitation to venture into the deep waters, both literally and metaphorically, comes with great risk. Before accepting this invitation, it is important to understand who God is. God is not simply loving or someone who loves, but love itself. This is possible because God exists as a Trinity of persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Their eternal exchange of love creates a new person, the Holy Spirit. Our destiny is to partake in this communion of love. Having a relationship with God goes beyond following rules or making wishes; it involves encountering a person, specifically Christ. To be a Christian is to be in a relationship with Christ, which brings new meaning and direction to life.

Understanding that God is love brings the assurance that God's plans for us are reliable. Despite this knowledge, we often struggle to trust God completely. The story of Peter's encounter with Jesus illustrates this struggle. Peter, who had witnessed Jesus' miracles and teachings, still experienced moments of faltering trust. The passage in Matthew 14:22-31 reveals that fear is the cause of such doubt and the subsequent weakening of trust. Jesus' words, "Be not afraid" (last years theme!) hold significant meaning for us as well. By dispelling fear from our hearts, we can strengthen our trust in the calling of God.



It's TUESDAY! Another beautiful day here at Camp Celebrate! God is really spoiling us with this weather. We also celebrate a major milestone- former camper, counselor, staff member and directior, FATHER David celebrated his first CAMP MASS alongside brother priest, and Camp Celebrate alumni, Fr. Patrick and Fr. Dan. While this was a special moment for all of them, it was here, at Camp Celebrate, that Fr. David first encountered Jesus- and today he brought us Him! Today's sessions explored the notion that our existence is not by chance but rather a deliberate act of love by our infinite and wise God. We emphasized that God knows us intimately, having designed every aspect of our being, including talents, personalities, and desires. However, our desires are deep and infinite, unquenchable by worldly pursuits. While people often seek satisfaction in money, power, and pleasure, they are ultimately left unsatisfied as these things are shallow. Instead, we were made for Heaven, where our desires will find rest in God alone. We talked about how earthly experiences provide glimpses of the glory of Heaven, and encouraged one another to appreciate and seek the beauty in all of creation. We talked about how through a personal connection with Jesus, we can find joy and fulfillment by embracing the deep waters of life.



This morning we dove into exactly what sin is. When we sin, we start in the right place--desire. We are so strongly desiring love and communion with God. When we sin, we take that desire for the infinite and attempt to satisfy that desire with the finite, an impossible task. In our small groups we broke open what that looks like, feels like, and how Jesus can help. 

Of course we did all the fun things again today: alpine tower, boating, outdoor cooking, creek walk, zorbs, and lots of games! In our afternoon session we talked more about how sin impacts our lives and prepared our hearts to encounter Jesus in the Eucharist during adoration. 

Reconciliation & adoration was a wildly impactful night for our campers, staff., and counselors alike. Father Dan read Luke chapter 5 to us again, and called us out into the deep to follow Him... so we, quite literally, did that. We had a Eucharistic procession from the chapel to putting our boats in at the waterfront. We had some great praise and worship and ended with McDonalds! 


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