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we believe in mind, body, & soul


Some may feel worried about the health and safety of your kids at camp, while others may be concerned that the necessary precautions will render camp unfruitful - or at least not as great as it could be. We understand! Rest assured (as much as possible) that we as a directorial team are giving all of these things into the hands of the Father. He certainly has a unique opportunity in store for those who will attend Camp Celebrate 2021, and we know He never disappoints!


Practically, we will take every necessary and responsible precaution to ward against the spread of COVID-19, while still allowing the Lord to use us as His vessels for His grace, knowledge, and love, just as we strive to do every year!

The Camp Celebrate you know and love is alive and well, with a few tweaks to accommodate the global pandemic we are all experiencing.




health & safety

we will detail out these practices as camp gets closer and we assess the state of our community

stopping it before it starts





Since 1998, Camp Celebrate has existed to facilitate a life-changing encounter with Christ and His Church through the sacraments, relational ministry, high adventure activity, and friendships for middle school students. This purpose is no different today. Thus, in order to have effective ministry this summer, we have taken enhanced health and safety measures. However, an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present.

First and foremost, we will rely on expert guidance for COVID-19 provided by state government and health professionals, including the CDC, with the goal of providing a safe and fun environment for campers and staff.  We will be following all guidelines released by the Ohio Governor’s appointed strike-force for overnight youth camp operators and YMCA summer camps as well as our St. Mary Parish community. 

As parents, we want you to understand the rigorous efforts Camp Celebrate is taking toward protecting the health of your camper. We believe in the health of mind, body, and spirit and we hope to implement all possible measures to make Camp 2021 seriously fun.


We have always had an experienced RN on site 24/7, and plan to train our staff on how to properly sanitize, wash hands,and how to monitor campers to prevent behaviors that spread illness. We also plan on training our staff on doing cheers, singing songs, and making the experience FUN!


We know that prevention, face coverings, group sizes and physical distancing, as well as cleaning and sanitization will be a part of Camp 2021, and as camp gets closer we will outline the guidelines and practices here.

And, yes, you read that right! Water Patrol just got a new task added on, sanitization! 

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