Synchronizing Watches... Now!

We can’t wait to welcome you to camp! Find out what time to get here, as well as a few things to have on hand to make drop off and pick up smoother. 

Camp Y-Noah

815 Mt Pleasant Road

Clinton, OH 44216


sunday- 1:00pm

We call it “Opening Day,” but it should really be called “Cheer Your Socks Off and Jump Up and Down Because Campers Are Here Celebration Day!” We can’t wait to welcome you and your camper to a week of non-stop fun and excitement! Our gates won’t open before 1:00 pm, and we will have staff ready to greet you. We’ll have staff ready to direct you, and help walk you through check-in when you arrive.


Turn in all labeled meds in their original container to the nurse. Loose pills are not accepted. Read more med guidelines.


If you want, bring addressed letters labeled with each day (with campers first & last name and grade) to deliver to your camper! Someone will be bringing letters from the parish brown narthex (last pick up is Wednesday), and you can email your camper letters through our parent portal.

swim test

Make sure your camper’s swimsuit and towel are on hand for their swim test, that will be the first activity they do! Don't worry, all campers get swim tested- it's nothing to fret about! If they can stand up in a bath tub, they'll pass!

closing day

pick up- friday 2:00pm 

A week at camp goes by sooner than you know it, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over yet! Before you leave, we want to celebrate your child’s week of camp by inviting you to join us for closing Mass, a message from the Directors, and an awards ceremony. You won’t want to miss this!

pick up details

so long,


parental pickup

Campers may only be picked up by their parent/guardian. Exceptions require a signed letter naming who will pick up your camper.


Join us for a closing celebration Mass and an awards ceremony honoring your campers and our counselors! Siblings are welcome.

don't forget

To pick up your camper's meds at the nurses station, check for lost and found, register for our year-round program (EDGE) and if you already can't wait til next year- save your spot before you leave!